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what our clients have to say

David & Marie Parson

"We've seen so many
 people get it wrong with
 property investment.
 That's why we turned
 to the professionals.”
Property Investment Done4You
Investment advisory in property

Sarah and Jason - First home buyers

"We could not afford our dream
 home, but purchasing an Investment
 Property gave us the opportunity
 to enter the property market at
an affordable price and capital
growth to leverage from.”
Property Investment Done4You
Investment Property

The Johnson Family

"We know our Super & Savings
 will not be enough. PPA helped
 us plan ahead with an Investment
 Property – enjoy tax benefits and
 increase our weekly income.”
Property Investment Done4You

Why choose Property Professionals Australia?

Choices – Confidence – Certainty

Our mission is to change the way people invest in their future. As property industry specialists
with a combined experience of more than 50 years, we provide complete Done4You Building & Investment
Property Services that has helped busy people, just like you, achieve their financial goals.

don't be statistical

86% of Australians
won’t have enough money
to retire comfortably.

Don’t be a statistic.
Our clients have made up
to $90,000 in 12 months & up
to $200,000 in 3 years.

Discover how you can too.



Why property
investment is the key to
your financial security.

Property can provide capital
growth, tax benefits, increased
cash flow and is a tangible asset.

Invest in solid sustainable growth.



project management
from research to
sourcing high-return

Wherever you are on
your property investment
journey, we have the range
of services to help.

Find out about our no-fee services.



We work with reputable
property partners in
the industry.

Every year, we select 30
locations out of over 300
that meet our stringent

See our high-return properties.


How much would you need to retire?

Find out with how much money you will need for retirement to live a life of choice. (Calculated for the average life expectancy of 83 years)


Age you would like to stop work
Amount per annum you would need to live comfortably
What funds do you have now
(Super, Shares, Savings etc. Do not include your home)
You will need :

How much would you need to retire?

Find out how much you need to SAVE for a retirement of choice.


Amount you would need for retirement
Current Age
Amount you need to save per annum :

Invest in your future

At PPA we can help you achieve your financial goals Call us to book a complimentary no-obligation consultation today!

Call 02 6162 1568 or email us

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