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Our Services

From consultation to builder and finance liaison, we provide custom investment opportunities and services with properties that make a difference for tenants living with a disability and investors alike. Whether your goal is financial independence, investment portfolio development, building on your Superannuation and generating reliable savings or even a knock-down- rebuild of your existing property, PPA offer the tools, education, services and skills to give you the choice in your investment avenue, the confidence to proceed in the right direction, and the certainty of quality service.

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Time and time again we have seen investors fall into avoidable pitfalls in property investment. These mistakes come from lack of research in the region and demographic trends, following a majority and a lack of industry connections.


At PPA, as part of out complete consultation package, we can identify and research the growing potential in key locations across Australia, draw on our extensive connections and insider industry experience (both behind the desk, as well as on site) and oversee every aspect of the process for you, to ensure you achieve the best and most successful possible outcome in your property investment.

We are constantly monitoring the property market, as well as investment trends, economic and investment opportunities across Australia so we can always offer the next exciting and profitable properties for our investors, ahead of the market majority.   

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The Property Investment Process,

All Taken Care Of

At PPA we undertake all aspects of the Property Investment process, from first sign of contracts, to forwarding regular updates from builders and construction, to the final coat of paint on your new property, we make sure every step in your investment journey is a smooth one. Thanks to our experience as builders, we can monitor, grow and guide your investment from a perspective that other Property Investment Companies just don't consider. 

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NDIS Housing and Specialist Disability Accommodation 

At PPA we are proud to specialise in offering quality disability access housing, covered by the National Disability Insurance Scheme and approved by Specialise Disability Accommodations, to offer the best in inclusive living modifications. Everyone deserves an accessible home that suits their individual needs, in which they can feel safe and comfortable. PPA work with certified builders and care organisations to construct premium High Physical Support or Robust assisted living properties, for Australians living with a disability, their carers and assistants. 

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Due Diligence and Investment Research

When it comes to Investment, the proper research is the key to success. Whether you are investing in Traditional Investment or an NDIS Investment, PPA can help you time the market and select only the best cities or regions as centres for maximum capital growth. PPA undertake the on-the-ground research to select the best micro locations for the greatest result. When it comes to NDIS Investment, we work with Australia’s leading SDA’s to build homes based on their known participant demand.

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Finance and Construction,

From Start to Finish

As part of our property investment consultancy service, PPA are in constant communication between the financial and construction sides of your property build. We speak with all those involved in your investment process to make sure everything is running smoothly, both in the books and on site. Being qualified builders with background in construction, we have the qualification to assure quality control and build time frames.

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Representation and Communication

At PPA we work in tandem with a range of highly qualified solicitors and brokers who specialise in property investment and real estate. As part of our complete consultancy service, we keep in constant communication with your chosen Solicitor and Broker, or we can recommend one to manage your investment journey!