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For the past twelve years, PPA have assisted over a thousand investors prosper in custom properties Australia wide for their personal wants, needs and goals. With our Building, Property and Investing qualifications as well as extensive experience, astute seasoned investors all over Australia have found success in our quality services to build the exact property to meet their investment outcome and budget. We can also assist our astute and seasoned investors with Portfolio Management – is it a good time to sell, hold or buy? Should I sell and transfer the funds into a NDIS Property? What is the next property I should buy based on my current portfolio? Whatever your questions, PPA can help you find your answer. 

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* Please Note – Town Houses and Apartments are not custom builds. However, PPA work closely with Australia’s leading Building and Development Companies to supply investors with their preferred properties, at the lowest prices possible. 

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In these current times the most sort after investment for astute seasoned investors has been NDIS due to the security of the Government paying the rent for a 20 year time frame and for the very high cash flow returns available. For example: 

NDIS High Physical Support Duplex 

Lot 7, Example St. Darwin, NT 1234

(2 Participant Bedroom + OOA)

2 x $58,630.00 per participant = $117,260.00 per annum



NDIS Allocation: $117,260.00 x Location Factor of 1.29 = $151,265.00 per annum 


RRC (Reasonable Rental Contribution) Approx. $9,740.00 pp x 2 = $19,480.00 per annum


Total: $151,265.00 + $19,480.00 = $170,745.00 per annum.

To purchase, pending on the land price = approx. $900,000.00

We build Houses, Villas, Duplexes and other custom accommodation types for both physical and mental disabilities requiring special levels of care, based on what has been requested by the SDAs. All clients must speak to the SDA’s prior to being financially committed to a NDIS Investment and only proceed when you are 100% confident in your decision.

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To learn more about NDIS download our NDIS Information Booklet, visit our NDIS Information and Services Page or call direct to speak to an NDIS consultant!