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With the need for specialist accessible homes on the rise, we at PPA pride ourselves on our quality accommodations built to the unique needs of all our participants, PPA work with Australia’s leading SDA’s to build fit for purpose homes, Australia wide for their participant demand. This is paramount to investors success. Disability housing offered by PPA come in several different classes, with different requirements and necessities:


High Physical Support


For participants that require a high level of support due to a physical disability. (These will often include an 'OOA' Room or 'Overnight Onsite Accommodation'  for carers to offer 24/7 care).




For tenants living with a mental disability such as Autism, with the help of a carer. (These will often include an OOA Room, as well as a 'Breakout' Room where participants with sensory issues can come to relax and feel safe).


Fully Accessible / Improved Liveability

PPA Physical disability homes cater for all levels of care from High Physical Support, Fully Accessible and Improved Liveability.


At PPA we also offer custom builds that may require an extra level of specialisation. This way includes lifts, hoists, electrical or communicative customisation, PPA can work with the necessary building services to make a custom home best suited to unique needs.


PPA offer a selection of property types to best suite the needs of participants, their carers and disability support groups: 


Usually 2-3 Rooms for participants, with an OOA room for carers. Includes a garden and an enclosed yard, garage and internal intercom between rooms. 




Dual properties built on one block but split for independent living into lots of around 2-3. These types of properties are usually used for 'Robust' disability accommodations and include 1-2 rooms, an OOA room and a Breakout Room. 




Large block properties divided into 3-5 single apartments with an OOA room included in each. These properties are often used for group assisted aged or disability living, to foster social relations and community connections and allow carers to monitor groups of participants at a time. 


Do you have your own block? At PPA, we can do custom designs on your own block, including knock down rebuilds . Quality land is hard to come by and our SDAs are always looking for good locations to provide accommodation for their participant's demand. If you have vacant land or a property you would like to demolish and turn into a NDIS property, speak to the Property Professionals and we can organise your next build. 

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Build Quality Inspections

At PPA, we pride ourselves on our personal dedication to your investment success; our Consultants and Company Directors regularly travel to build locations in order to personally assess the build stage and quality of your property. We ensure that SDA certifications and Disability Inclusions are up to the highest possible standards. During the entire investment journey, you will be provided with detailed updates and video reports of your build process, from first frame construction, to final lock up inspection. 

During this time, SDA representatives, as well as independent, NDIS certified inspectors will also come to assess the property and make sure everything is up to code and proceeding with the Participant's best interest and care in mind. 

This is what sets PPA apart from other property investment companies and consultants; we personally inspect every investment we manage to give you absolute peace-of-mind. 

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What is the NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme provides support to people with a disability along with their families and carers. The scheme is funded by Australian Federal and State Governments to assist people to access better housing, health, education and community services.

What are some examples of SIL Providers? 

Some examples of SILs include "Aruma" (formally House with No Steps), "Life Without Barriers", "Greenleaf Disability Service" and "Sunnyfield Disability Services."  

How does the lease agreement work with more than one tenant in a property?

A separate lease agreement is signed with each tenant.

Can the government cut or reduce NDIS payments, mid way through my 20 year term? 

There’s a bipartisan agreement that’s been signed off by all the parties in Canberra- the property has a 20 year NDIS Certification.

Who chooses the house and land location of NDIS properties? 

With PPA it is not a build and hope strategy! The houses and the location are chosen and custom built for the waiting participants (disability tenants) needs.
Our selected SDA’s work with the SIL’s to put together a personal plan for each participant – which involves the level of care required, the disability types and the location of the participant and who they would be sharing with. From there Land is sourced and build designs and inclusions are packaged up for the specific needs of waiting participants.

How long does it take to build a property?

Pending on the type of dwelling being constructed (House, Duplex, Villa’s 2,3,4,6 x Pack Apartments) the time can vary. In the most common dwelling being a house normally it takes us 18 -22 weeks to build a house, but in the current environment with a never seen before building demand in Australia (due to the approx. 130,000 people taking up the new home Gov Building Grant of $25k, coupled with Covid Restrictions and the different knock on effects), putting unforeseen pressure on the building trades and ,material supplies this has extended the build time frames from Slab stage to approx. 40 to 50 weeks.

We believe this will ease moving into 2022.

What is an SDA?

For some participants in the NDIS, they will receive funding for SDA. SDA stands for Specialised Disability Accommodation and is a system created under the NDIS for people with high support housing needs.
SDA service providers hold the head lease and oversee the process of securing accommodation for the tenants. The SDA provider has an agreement in place with SIL providers (care services) and their role is to ensure the house has tenants and is maintained to high standard. They deal with all the related NDIS agencies and are the only entity who can handle SDA payments. They also ensure that RRC payments are managed from the tenants.

What is RRC

This is a Reasonable Rental Contribution (RRC) paid by the tenant, capped at 25% of the base rate of the Disability Support Pension and 100% of any Commonwealth Rental Assistance scheme. This is the same for the participant no matter where they live; it is approximately $9,200 p/a per person.

Is the 20 year term broken into smaller parts?

Leases can be 2 x 10 years or 4 x 5 years. SIL prefer long term leases, as this suits the client’s needs best, so there is no expectation for them to leave after the first lease term and remember with PPA the house design has been built around their specific needs.

Is the land registered?

In most cases the land is registered through PPA, but our investors will know this before purchasing.

What happens if one tenant wants to move out and it takes a while to find another? 

It is written into the lease that the agreed NDIS allowance is to continue to be paid to the property owner for a 10 Week period while other tenants are sourced. SIL providers have an obligation to find another tenant and in most cases have participants on a waiting list.

What are some examples of the figures?

The figures below are gross:

• 2 x High Physical Support $80 991.48 + RRC $18 825.00 (Total p/a approx. $99,000)*

• 3 x High Physical Support $111 991.77 + RRC $28 236.00 (Total p/a approx. $140,000)*

*Example Only. Rates are subject to changes base on location and build type. 

What is SIL?

Supported Independent Living (SIL) refers to the support or supervision to develop the skills of an individual to live as independently as possible. SIL provider’s role is to provide care services for the persons with a disability and have agreements in place with SDA providers.

When are investor payments processed?

RRC is paid fortnightly and NDIS payment processed monthly.

Does the SIL provider have tenants waiting to move in?

Yes, this is correct when using PPA due to our carefully selected group of SDA providers, unless stated otherwise.

What happens after the 20 years?

The investor can sell the property as per standard Real Estate legislation requirements in that particular state or territory, the investor has the option to roll over their agreement and continue the NDIS as Existing NDIS Stock once 20 year period is up, as well.

Why haven't I heard about the NDIS before?

NDIS is a relatively new initiative that the Australian Government has been progressively working towards implementing over the past few years. In 2019, we have now reached the final stage of the rollout with the commitment of $700mil annually from the Federal Government in ‘rental assistance’ to compensate the owners & investors of compliant homes to drastically increase suitable housing supply.


For Investors:

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